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Synergy Advisory Management Group, LLC

We are a comprehensive financial services firm offering investment management guidance for individuals, families, businesses and trusts through NPA Asset Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor.

Synergy: The Benefit of Combined Effect. 

Synergy is defined as the cooperative interaction of two or more forces creating a combined effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.  The Synergy team brings to you the benefits of professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in investments, insurance, taxation, and financial planning.

Given the ever-changing estate and tax laws, the proliferation of investment choices, and the multitude of advisors vying for your business, financial planning in the twenty-first century is at best confusing, and at worst can result in serious consequences to your portfolio impact your lifestyle - now and in retirement. In order to bring you the best possible financial planning advice, we have assembled a team of experienced, talented professionals, each with a specific area of specialization. When you choose Synergy Advisory Management Group, LLC, you are working with that team, and you derive the value of their vast knowledge and the highest level of professional advice and service available.

Professional Experience: Your Personal Team of Financial Specialists. 

The Synergy team is composed of a group of highly specialized and experienced professionals who work together with you as your personal financial advocates. Synergy team members have professional experience in investments, insurance, taxation, and financial planning. Utilizing a team-oriented approach, they collaborate at every step of the financial planning process. In addition, the Synergy team maintains strategic alliances with estate planning attorneys, family law attorneys, pension actuaries, and money managers so they may offer you comprehensive advice on virtually all financial matters.

Guidance and Understanding: Your Prudent Financial Guide. 

As your financial advocates, we teach you how to grow and preserve money, and in the process, we form life-long personal relationships with you. Our disciplined and prudent approach to investments, conscientious tax planning, and tailored risk management are our primary focus as we educate and guide our clients toward an investment strategy and financial plan that aims to preserve and perpetuate their wealth and financial well-being. Our specialized team approach provides you with the attention and personalized service from which you may reap the rewards of prudent financial planning and enjoy meaningful improvements in the quality of your life.

Our Way: Personalized Relationships, Comprehensive Planning. 

We know how to ask the right questions, and then we listen to you. Each client is unique, and each plan must be tailored to those unique needs. Once we know you and what is important to you, we can design a comprehensive plan to help achieve your goals. Through assessing your risk tolerance, insurance needs, income and estate tax exposure, as well as other aspects of your financial life, we will create a realistic plan to help you achieve what is important in your life.

Our Independence: Our Strength.

Our independence allows us to provide objective advice based on the education and understanding of your current financial condition. This information forms the basis for making prudent and appropriate decisions concerning your well-being. Overall financial health and well-being require customized counseling with an integrated collaborative approach. Working together with our clients' attorneys, accountants, and other professional advisors, the Synergy team delivers uncompromised personal service. And, with no proprietary products, research, or investment banking relationships, we offer truly objective, individualized advice without any underlying corporate obligations, and are free to identify those investments and investment strategies best suited to your personal needs and goals.

Financial Planning: Envisioning Your Future. 

Many people avoid dealing with the difficult, if not daunting task of creating a personal financial plan. Doing it properly requires focus and deliberation in addition to professional guidance. We take the pain out of the process. By focusing on your personal concerns, we allow you to envision your future while we create the plan to help you achieve your goals. Our clients have the confidence that comes with knowing they have planned prudently.

Prudent Money Management: Reducing Risk, Preserving Capital, Achieving Goals. 

We specialize in designing diversified, individualized portfolios. Our investment strategy focuses first on your "risk personality."  When choosing investment products, your personal risk tolerance is extremely important and has a tremendous impact on the structure of your portfolio. At our initial meetings, we see many portfolios invested in products with far greater risk than is warranted. Next, we focus on asset allocation. Asset allocation, determined by asset class selection and diversification, has been shown to be key to portfolio performance. While no diversification or asset strategy can assure a profit or guarantee against a loss, we assist our clients in selecting products that are best suited to their risk personality and enable their assets to grow while helping to reduce volatility.

Long-Term Care Planning: Protect Your Wealth, Family, and Lifestyle. 

As people live longer, the consequences of a long-term care crisis can be devastating to your family and assets, and may be the single greatest threat to your retirement portfolio. Through long-term care and life planning, we help our clients protect their retirement portfolio and lifestyle by creating a plan that will leave their retirement portfolio intact for its intended purpose and permit them to care for their loved ones without the threat of financial ruin. We will help you avoid the potential necessity of drawing from assets intended for education, retirement or bequest.

Estate Planning: Transferring Wealth, Avoiding Estate Taxes. 

Estate planning allows you to leave your loved ones and selected charitable institutions with a lasting financial legacy. Understanding first how you wish to distribute your assets, we work with estate planning attorneys to help you structure your assets during your lifetime to help ensure they are properly transferred and distributed to your heirs while minimizing estate and inheritance taxes.

Our Process: A Systematic Approach to Planning Your Financial Future.

  • Step 1. The initial meeting
  • Step 2. Gathering data
  • Step 3. Data analysis
  • Step 4. Discuss options
  • Step 5. Implement your plan
  • Step 6. On-going reporting
  • Step 7. Quarterly review

Education: The Cornerstone of Our Financial Philosophy. 

The Synergy team takes an active role in educating not only our clients, but the communities in which we live and work. We provide comprehensive financial planning courses through the continuing education program of a leading local university and at many Fortune 500 companies. In addition, we regularly offer on-site and off-site workshops, seminars, and in-service programs for human resource managers, attorneys, CPA's, businesses, and individuals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Today's Solutions for Tomorrow's Concerns. 

The Synergy team was founded with the vision of being the premier provider of comprehensive financial planning services in the tri-state area. Our energetic team of financial professionals collectively has nearly a century of experience in identifying and implementing solutions today for tomorrow's concerns.

Our Mission is to help accumulate, manage, and protect our client's wealth. We strive to provide the highest level of education and excellence in service to foster trust and dynamic long-term relationships.

Full Disclosure. We value the trust that our clients have placed in us. We have taken steps to safeguard their privacy and confidentiality by being compliant with a written Privacy Policy.

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